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Our Philosophy

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St Peter’s Preschool believes Early Childhood Education is the foundation of learning for young children.  We believe in the importance of providing access to a quality Preschool program from three years of age.  St Peter’s Preschool believes that children are engaged by a sense of Belonging, Being and Becoming and  works within the Early Years Learning Framework.  


St Peter’s Preschool provides a safe, secure and nurturing environment with kind, compassionate and fully  trained staff to meet the individual needs of each child. This is in line with the Early Childhood Code of  Ethics which all staff adhere to. The aim of our Preschool is to provide an inclusive environment for all  children and their families regardless of ability, multicultural background, family dynamic, religion or  economic status.  


Our Preschool believes it is essential to build strong, lasting, trusting relationships with all families and  children whilst nurturing their individuality. Educators recognise and celebrate the important roles of  both immediate and extended family. It is our belief that Early Childhood is a key period in supporting  each child holistically and a time to address emerging additional needs and strengths. St Peter’s Preschool  supports a balance between play based learning centred on each child’s needs, strengths and interests and  intentional teaching moments. Additionally, we recognise the importance of providing creative  expression experiences throughout the program.  


Educators model and promote the development of confidence and self-esteem, both individually and as a  member of the Preschool, and wider community. We recognise the importance of promoting positive mental health outcomes for families, children and staff. St Peter’s Preschool supports and encourage staff  to engage in ongoing critical reflection and to participate in professional development.    

It is part of our Philosophy to teach children about the Christian faith according to the Bible. We  are committed to explaining Christian values that flow from understanding God’s love to us in  Jesus such as empathy, respect, compassion and love for each other. This is demonstrated by a  section of John 13:34 which states “Love one another as I have loved you” which guides our  interactions with children and families. These values align with those of St Peter’s Anglican Church.    

Educators are committed to instilling in all children a love of, and commitment to the care of their local,  national and global environments. Sustainable practices are embedded in every day planning and learning  with resources and natural materials sourced where ever possible.  


St Peter’s Preschool is recognised by the local educational community for laying a strong foundation of  learning that assists children in their next steps to formal schooling, which is also supported by family  feedback. The Preschool values strong relationships with local services as our Preschool recognises the  importance of community connections to foster a sense of belonging. St Peter’s Preschool is an advocate  for Early Childhood Education and welcomes students from TAFE, Universities and schools to engage in  reciprocal learning relationships.  


Our Philosophy has been written and shaped by the ideas and thoughts of our Preschool children. The  following statements helped shape our Philosophy. When asked why children come to Preschool the  children replied, “so we can learn”, Oliver (2019), “to play”, Aiden (2019), “to make craft”, Naomi  (2019), “to play with friends”, Madison (2019), “to have some fun”, Emilia (2019), “because we learn new  things”, Oliver (2019), “so we can learn to play kindly and share”, Georgia (2019),  “because it is important”, Edward (2019).

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