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Spread Your Wings

In the year before school, we encourage the 4 – 5 year old children to develop the many varied skills ready for their adventure into ‘big school’.

These include the ability to:


  • Become caring, empathetic members of the preschool community    

  • Develop autonomy and self-confidence

  • Learn and appreciating differing views and opinions

  • Appreciate how all children are all unique and special

  • Become more responsible for their own physical wellbeing

  • Create, construct, cut, paint, paste, count, sort, thread, manipulate

  • Develop curiosity, cooperation, creativity, enthusiasm, persistence

  • Make new friends and work with a variety of children     

  • Recognise and write their name and recognise words and sounds

  • Climb, run, catch, throw, dig, sing, dance, move, play, imagine, pretend, wonder

  • Look after their own belongings and put them back in the right place

  • Experience and become familiar with pre-maths and pre-science concepts – sequence, shape, volume, cause-effect, value, number, time

  • Become even more independent and self-reliant

  • Say “Stop it I don’t like it” if I need to

  • Ask and answer questions, remember and recall things

  • Make their own decisions about things, solve problems and work things out – inquiring, problem-solving, researching, investigating

  • Listen to instructions and then complete tasks

  • Enjoy the experience of learning