St Peter's Preschool is a nut-free environment! Please help us stay that way.

St Peters Preschool

34 Vera St, South Tamworth, NSW 2340


Ph: (02) 67 657 804

Mobile: 0427 957804

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Fundamental to St Peter’s Preschool education and care is the belief that children’s lives are characterised by a sense of:

  • Belonging – knowing where and with whom they belong

  • Being – the here and now in their lives

  • Becoming – the process of rapid and significant change as they learn and grow: learning to participate fully and actively in society

(Early Years Learning Framework)

Our program at St Peter’s Preschool exists in two stages, with a different focus in each age group:

Bilby Group -
Monday to Friday
Platypus Group -
Monday - Friday
*Maximum attendance is 3 days per week
Opening Hours
8.30am-4pm Monday-Friday